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The smallest feline is a masterpiece


Cattery Patser is a small cattery located in the Netherlands.

My name is Zwenneke, I am 26 years old. I live in Eibergen, together with my cats. 4 Oriental longhairs, 2 Balinese and 2 Bengals.

My goal is to breed healthy, beautiful Oriental longhairs and Balinese.

Our cattery is a member of Neocat and SOK van Neocat.


Zwenneke Landkroon


Eibergen, the Netherlands

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12 APRIL 2015
We quit breeding.

11 NOVEMBER 2014
All kittens found a new home. Puk stays here. Grap, Floor and Boontje are neutered.

4 AUGUST 2014
The kittens of Mausie moved out. The kittens of Floor are still available.

8 JULY 2014
Boontje is the father of the litter of Floor. The kittens are amazing! You can find pictures on Facebook.

4 JUNE 2014
A lot has happened. The little foster kitten died. The other kittens are very strong. On May 29th, more kittens were born. Floor is their mother, the father is still unknown. There were 5 beautiful kittens, but unfortunately 1 kitten died. The other 4 kittens (3 Oriental longhair, 1 Balinese) are doing great.

16 APRIL 2014
4 lovely kittens were born the 14th of April! Boontje van Patser and Int.Ch. Malfalathiel's Principessa are the parents! Yesterday we got a fifth kitten. The mother of the little one died. It is an Oriental shorthair, black tabby from cattery Ogon.

17 MARCH 2014
Last saturday we went to the show in Osnabrück. Ilo became European Champion and got a third place at the ring. Boontje got his 2nd CAC.